Spring Greens with Audrey’s and Sister Mag

Audrey's Sister MagI jumped at the chance to work with SisterMag. Way back, in the midst of winter, Thea and I were discussing how we could bring my previous collectible colour column to life with food. Spring Greens popped into my head and I started to make a long list of recipes that are green and relate a bit to spring. Since we live on different continents – what’s in season in Germany isn’t necessarily in season in Canada – but you get where we were going with this, right?Audrey's - SisterMag-Giulia DoyleThis is the first shoot I’ve done for a publication, and I am amazed by how a photo shot by me looks when it’s integrated into a magazine spread. I’m pleased that my photos and recipes are part of this fabulous magazine. Didn’t Thea do an amazing job with the design?

Audrey's - SisterMag- GiuliaDoyleHead on over to the new issue of SisterMag to get the full spread of recipes on page 251. You’ll find recipes for green smoothies, pea hummus, asparagus tart, basil pesto and my simple shrimp tacos as well pages and pages of additional amazing content. Did I tell you that they publish SisterMag in both German and English? Congrats to Thea and Toni on another great issue of SisterMag!Audrey's - SisterMag- Giulia DoyleAudrey's SisterMag

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8 thoughts on “Spring Greens with Audrey’s and Sister Mag

  1. Dear Giulia, what lovely post and thanks so much for your kind words about sisterMAG and my layouting! I am really so glad and honoured that you feel that way. I really liked working together with you and how super-smooth everything went. Plus I LOVE the feature :).

    Hope to stay in contact and talk soon!
    Yours, Thea

    • Thanks Thea – this was so much fun and everything worked out great. Yes, let’s talk soon and hopefully we can meet next year when I travel to Europe and might stop in Berlin to visit my friend.

    • Hey there – thanks so much! Do you know Thea? She’s in Berlin. Have you met Ashley yet that did the cover shoot? I’m telling you – I have to come to Berlin next summer when we are planning on visiting Switzerland. It’s all happening there.

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