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2013 04 08 634

Feeling uneasy and having episodes of anxiety more often? There’s a quick fix for it and that is by simply eating chocolate. Well, not just chocolates, dark chocolates are highly recommended. These contain antioxidants that are known to benefit the function of the brain.

Dark Chocolates for the Win!

Dark chocolates are able to do this by means of improving circulation of blood to the brain and promote its ability to quickly adapt to stressful situations. Such effects might let the person to easily adjust to stressful environments that may eventually result to mood disorders and anxiety.

In addition to that, there are researchers suggesting that the role of dark chocolate to brain health might simply because of its delicious taste. Come on, it is sweet and comforting; who would not feel relieved by just eating it?

Study after Study

In a separate study, those who ate 74 percent dark chocolate at least twice in a day for 14 days improved their stress hormones that are frequently connected to anxiety. By eating dark chocolate, it’s been discovered as well to boost neurotransmitter serotonin that helps in reducing stress. Thus, it again reduces anxiety attacks.

On the other hand, only eat dark chocolate in moderation because it has high calories and fairly easy to overeat in one. 1.5oz is enough serving in a day.