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Egg whites should be cooked thoroughly when making meringue. This step is an important one to prevent salmonella poisoning. Additionally, it is not advisable to use packaged egg whites as its pasteurization may halt the egg whites from creating a stable meringue.

Using Eggs for Better Results

The best thing to do instead is to make use of fresh egg whites. Old egg whites have the tendency to collapse when it is mixed with other ingredients and is likely not to rise as expected when in the oven.

Pro tip is to let the eggs be in room temperature when using it. Cold egg whites have the possibility to reduce the volume of meringue you are creating.

How Fast to Beat the Egg Whites?

When beating the egg whites, as much as possible avoid overbeating it. This is due to the reason that overbeaten eggs look lumpy, dry or hard. When you are whipping egg whites, it is recommended to do it on medium or medium low speed onto your mixer. Continue beating the egg whites until it starts to look foamy. That is the only time when you should increase the mixer’s speed to medium high and then, to high.

In the event that the egg whites are beaten too fast at the start, then it will compromise the structural integrity of the foam.