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2013 12 20 Friday Specials the Final Edition

Following the recipe is elementary when it comes to cupcake making. It may sound so obvious but you’d be surprised that many fail to do it. Oftentimes, ingredients are being substituted on what is available in the kitchen. Subbing out eggs, using liquid sweetener, reducing sugar, baking soda for powder, all-purpose rather than cake flour and the likes are only few of the common quick fixes some people are doing.

If there’s something you ought to know, ingredients are created for a reason. Unless you can’t stick to it, better save your money, energy and time in making a cupcake. Most likely, you would not be able to achieve what you want in it.

When to Experiment?

You can do alterations on the recipe of course and have your inputs in it. But before doing it, it is best to master the basics first.

Room Temperature Ingredients

If your cupcake recipe needs ingredients to be in room temperature, then make sure to use room temperature ingredients. Don’t deviate from the instructions as it may create a different flavor on the end products.

Don’t Under or Over Mix

When mixing, do it just right; don’t overdo or underdo it. See to it that the cupcake batter until the dry and wet are combined. Overmixing your batter regardless if it is for cupcakes, muffins, breads and whatnot will create a tough-textured pastry.