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2013 02 25 Circus Birthday and a Three Tier Chocolate Cake

Who doesn’t want pastry products? Among the pastry products that really appeal to masses is none other than cakes – to be more specific, chocolate cakes. In most instances, we are eating foods that don’t bring any nutritional benefits to our health. What’s funny though is, we are all aware of it and we are happily consuming them still.

This Time its Different

While it is true most of the time, eating chocolate cake is an exemption. Truth is, there have been research performed about chocolate cakes that it is great for your health. More so if it is consumed early in the morning wherein our metabolism is acting fast.

In a study performed at University of New York, they found that there are a number of benefits to eating chocolate cake. The participants who took part of the study range from 23 to 98 years old and all of them follow a typical diet.

What’s Science Says?

According to the results, once consumed often, it brings positive impact on the psychological feature performance of the subject and may improve abstract thinking and memory. While this is great news, that’s only among the many benefits that can be enjoyed from eating chocolate cakes.