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2014 06 25 Loaded Quinoa Salad

Among the most consumed leafy vegetable is lettuce. It is not really a big surprise after all. Lettuces are delicious, tasty and healthy. In a cup of its serving, it offers just 7 calories; perfect when dieting. Lettuce isn’t usually a standalone vegetable. Normally it’s served with other fruits and vegetables in a salad and is frequently used to add crunchiness in sandwiches, hold fillings as wrap or to add color to garnishes.

Growing it is Easy

Lettuce and several leafy vegetables normally cool season crops due to its short growing periods. What this mean is, gardeners are able to have several crops of greens in time it takes for other vegetables to reach its maturity.

Since leafy greens grow in different locations, they are frequently accessible even in local farmer’s market. Home gardeners on the other hand can also enjoy lettuce and other veggies planted in containers, traditional rows or as accents in flower gardens.

Types of Lettuce

As a matter of fact, there are various kinds of lettuce available in grocery stores. You can buy these leafy greens as prepackaged salad greens or by the head. You should know as well that different types of lettuces might have a slightly different flavor too.