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2013 03 04 Maluns and Remembering My Father

Not many notice or accept it but there are millions of people who are dealing with anxiety. This is a kind of disorder that is characterized by having constant nervousness and worry. Sometimes, this can be associated as well to having poor brain health. In most cases, medication is prescribed to patient as a form of treatment.

Reducing Anxiety

In reality, there are several ways on how anxiety can be treated aside from taking medication. Some of the holistic approach to it includes exercising, deep breathing and more. Following are other tips that can help you out. The best part, they are all supported by science.


It’s an herb that might help in reducing anxiety. It has high levels of antioxidant that is proven to lower inflammation. There have been a number of studies connected between anxiety relief and chamomile.

Experts found out that people who are diagnosed with GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder has experienced better reduction in their anxiety symptoms right after eating chamomile extract as opposed to those who didn’t.


This is a type of spice that has curcumin, or a compound that is known for promoting cognitive health and of course, avoiding anxiety disorders.