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As more and more bars and restaurants are starting to reopen, CDC is suggesting considerations for ways that can help the operators to lower the risks not just for customers but also, for their staff and the general community. Ultimately, this helps in slowing or better yet, stopping the spread of Covid-19.

Bars and restaurants can identify what these guidelines are by collaborating with their tribal, territorial, local or state health officials, whether and on how to implement these guidelines, make the necessary adjustments.

The implementation shall be guided by what’s acceptable, possible and customized to the requirements of every community.

Guidelines to be Remembered

The more people are interacting with each other and the longer their interaction, the greater the risk for the spread of Covid-19. Masks might help in reducing the risks for the spread of virus when they’re used consistently by employees and customers, particularly when social distance measures are hard to maintain.

The risks for spread of the virus increase in bars or restaurants as the interaction within 6’ of others increases.

Social Distancing

When people who are near physically with someone who has Covid-19 or has direct contact with that individual, then it increases the spread of the virus.