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2013 07 08 1321

When buying a kitchen organizer, you don’t make decisions randomly. There are actually things that can help you have a smart purchase and make the most out of your money. Following are tips that can lets you do just that.

Check for Plastic Recycling Triangle

As you see this symbol, seeing a number 7 means that it might contain BPA. PC on the other hand definitely means that it has BPA.

The ideal plastic container that you may get are those that are labeled with numbers 2, 4 as well as 5.

Avoid using it in Microwave

Regardless if the container says that the container is microwave –safe, still don’t use it when reheating through microwave. Ceramic and glass bowls are better in getting the job done without the risks of chemical leaching.

To be airtight, you must have the lid in silicone gasket from within or be snug in some other ways. Try the lid out if possible. The last thing that you want is having salad dressing or yogurt leaking in the lunch bag of your kid. In addition, majority of the lids aren’t made to be microwavable.

Take these tips into account when buying food organizers, especially if its primary material is made of plastic.