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2014 02 10 Valentine Egg in a Hole

Eggs and breakfast go hand-in-hand. There are so many ways that eggs can be prepared. The best part about it, all options are easy to do, cost-effective and can be cooked quickly. As a bonus, it’s a great protein source, ideal for those who are on a diet or want to live healthily.

Exciting Ways to Cook Eggs

If you like to give your eggs a twist, then the following are some good ideas to try.

Hard Scrambled

Scrambled eggs, when done right they can be an easy preparation. Technically, scrambled eggs are when the yolks and whites are broken and then mixed together. With hard scrambled eggs though, it is cooked all through.

As a matter of fact, it’s the standard preparation for scrambled eggs that many restaurants are following. While these taste good, they are borderline dry.

Hashes and Scrambled

Such preparations are quite simple, so far as eggs go. With your typical scramble eggs, you can add cheese, meats, diced potatoes or hotdogs, whichever is your preference and then sauté vegetables.

Over Easy

Sunny side up and over easy eggs are interchangeably used often. But in reality, they are both different. You can go from sunny side up to over easy by just flipping the eggs as soon as you see its edges turn brown.