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2014 03 17 Baked Nutella French Toast for Style Me Pretty Living

Almost everyone knows about Nutella. It is quite popular across the US for quite some time and it has found its ways to using it in making different treats.

Many are actually borderline addicted to Nutella and putting it in almost everything they eat.

How Diehard of a Fan You are?

The real question is, how much of Nutella’s “fans” really know about the brand? Most probably, not enough.

Nutella Trivia

Let me give you a little bit of trivia about Nutella that you certainly don’t know of.

  • It took the US years before getting on the Nutella hype. It was 23 years to be exact before the US imports Nutella into their soil. It was first introduced in 1983 but took some time for it to become known.
  • Nutella is without a doubt a social media icon. In Instagram, it’s been tagged by more than 7 million times and has over 31 million likes on its FB page. That is how popular the brand is.
  • Contrary to popular belief, chocolate isn’t the primary ingredient in a Nutella jar. It is not even hazelnuts if that is what you’re thinking. Rather, it is sugar. Truth is, 56% of a Nutella jar is straight up sugar. The next most used ingredient is palm oil and then comes hazelnuts, cocoa, skim milk, whey, soy lecithin as well as vanillin