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2013 06 03 Brownie Cherry Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream is like a household name when it comes to desserts. But the question is, why is it so popular? There are basically plenty of reasons why ice cream completes a good meal.

Varieties of Flavors

Not fond of vanilla or chocolate? Perhaps, you are not into fruit-flavor too? Regardless of the flavor that interests you, rest assure that there’s flavor that is suiting for you. From bacon (totally strange) to sherbet, there’s everything for everyone.

Perfect for every Season

Ice cream is the best treat no matter what the season is. During summer, get a scoop or two to cool off. Even on winter months, you can still grab some and enjoy your favorite flavors partnered with a slice of hot pie.

An Easy Pick

Instead of having to fuss on what you shall eat for dessert, just take out ice cream from the fridge. Everyone would race to get a scoop of their favorite flavors. Besides, it is very simple to serve and it makes the ideal treat for friends, families, parties or any other event.

Helps to Get rid of Stress

When feeling sad, having a bowl of ice cream can easily cheer you up. Truth is, ice cream has been discovered to help in easing pain during heartaches, breakups and any major reasons for sadness.