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Because of eggs as one of the primary ingredients in meringue, there’s a possibility of being poisoned with salmonella. So to prevent this from happening, the eggs should be cooked properly when preparing meringue. And while it is more convenient to use packaged egg whites in making your meringue, it is strongly discouraged for its pasteurization process is preventing the egg whites from providing stable meringue.

Fresh Eggs Only

This is the exact reason why professional pastry chefs are recommending to use fresh egg whites only. Old egg whites have the tendency of collapsing when it is mixed with other ingredients and may not rise well once you put them in the oven.

When mixing the egg whites as well, plastic bowls are a no-no. It has film of fat from the previously stored or mixed items that may deflate the meringue when put in the oven. Furthermore, if days are quite humid, it is best if you would reserve your meringue making on the following day instead. Pushing through will likely make your meringue to be chewy and sticky.

Baking Tips

When you are about to bake your meringue, always start it off at low temperature. This is simply because of the reason that meringue quickly turns brown.