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2012 12 03 Cran Berry Coins and 11 Other Holida Baking Recipes

Thinking of simple, yet effortless dessert to prepare for everyone? If you do, then look no further as No Bake Cookies can save the day. This is perfect, especially if you have children around. These cookies are guaranteed to be a big hit.

No Oven Required

As the name suggests, oven will not be a necessity to make one. Having said that, you can even make one with your kid, turning it to an awesome bonding moment. If this is your first time preparing a no bake cookie, it is very likely for you to bump into some challenges. You may stop at some point and be puzzled on how to figure it out.

Quick Solutions when Preparing No Bake Cookies

There are several things that is causing your no bake cookies to be either too dry or too gooey. For most part, the success of what you are doing lies on the ingredient’s consistency, humidity in the air as well as temperature.

Fixing No Bake Cookies

Say for example that your cookies are not setting and too wet, try to boil the mixture a bit longer. Do not time it until it reaches full boiling point. Only then is when you must time it for a couple of minutes. If the cookies happen to be dry and crumbly, keep it at least a minute.