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Acoustic Guitars: Music Selection In Gastronomy

Bars where the bass is way too loud or cafés where a shallow song plays on a continuous loop.

Acoustic guitars: Why do you need background music in a restaurant?

With so many mistakes to make when choosing the right music, isn’t it easier to avoid it? This assumption is reasonable, but in fact, the right music can have many positive effects on gastronomy. Music not only arouses emotions and offers a recognition value for your business, but it can also even make guests more willing to buy.

Acoustic guitars: What do you have to consider before selecting your playlist in your restaurant?

Before you get involved in choosing the right background music, you need to lay the groundwork. For example, you need a system with good sound, after all, you can’t play mobile phone music to your guests at least not if you don’t have the right speakers. You don’t need a professional system to play music of good quality. A mobile phone or laptop and a couple of good speakers will suffice. You can also choose a band to play acoustic guitars at times.

Acoustic guitars: What do you have to pay attention to?

Choosing the right music is an individual process and has to suit your restaurant business. However, you can use the following tips in every establishment to offer your guests the best entertainment:Acoustic Guitars

  • Choose the right volume
  • Pay attention to good sound quality
  • Put enough songs in the playlist
  • Adapt music to the target group
  • Create ad-free playlists
  • Clarify whether music is suitable for commercial use

Acoustic guitars: What kind of music do guests particularly like?

The music you play should match the overall style of your hospitality establishment. In particular, your specific target group must be taken into account. If you address a young, alternative audience with your café, the music can also be more alternative. In an exclusive star restaurant, on the other hand, classical music is more advantageous.

The time of day is also important when choosing music. For example, in bars where they are mainly late in the evening, party music is more appropriate than in a café where guests meet for breakfast. If you’re open all day, adjust the music to the time of day. If you offer country-specific cuisine, you can play music from the respective country.