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5 Things You Should Eat When in New York



There are so many things I love about New York City that I find it hard to list them all. I mean, it’s the birthplace of hip-hop, the musical genre comes from here, and the subway runs there 24/7. It is literally “The City That Never Sleeps” and for that reason, you can also eat whatever you want at any time imaginable. I think that’s without a doubt the best thing about New York. That’s why I’m happy to recommend the five things you absolutely should eat here in New York, regardless of the time of day.


When you think of a “New York specialty”, many people think of the classic combination of a bagel and a cup of coffee. Both on the go as you hurriedly make your way through the city in the morning. Such a breakfast bagel is simply the best way to start your day. In New York, bagels are usually cooked for a very short time before being baked, resulting in a chewy inside and a firm outside. So forget the paleo diet, because a day without eating carbohydrates (or at least no NYC bagel) is a day not lived.

A New York slice of pizza

The next specialty on the list is the New York pizza slice. In the 185,000 pizza places in Lower Manhattan, you can get them for about $2.50. Once again, fast-paced New York life has had a major impact on local food preferences: you can eat a slice of pizza standing up and without cutlery within five minutes. But be careful, because tomato sauce and fat have a particularly unpleasant appeal to freshly washed white T-shirts.


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Arepas Hotels

New York is a melting pot of cultures, languages, and industries and it’s probably no surprise that you see all those influences reflected in the food. The arepa originates from Latin America and is nowadays a rock-solid part of the New York diet. Arepa sandwiches are filled with soft, salty white cheese, minced meat, black beans, and banana and are the ideal size to ā€“ you guessed it ā€“ eat on the go.

Adjarian khachapuri

To stay with the multicultural dishes: this tasty Georgian (like the country, not like the American state) snack is available at Cheesboat Brooklyn and is actually exactly what the name of the bistro says: a boat of cheese. It is cheese bread with a topping of egg, a tub of butter, and much more delicious. Beware: don’t ask how many calories are in it.

Doughnut grilled cheese

Yes, you read that right: the grilled cheese donut is a great wedding that brings together the best of a grilled cheese bun and the best of a donut. Everyone knows how to deal with that. There is nothing more American. And since cultural immersion is the ultimate goal of travel, you should have tried it at least once. Yes, right? Yes! You can find this delicious snack in Clinton Hall. And no thanks though