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8 Enjoyable Food Games for Kids


Over the years, your child has repeatedly heard that they shouldn’t play with their food. Now imagine the glow of his eyes when he finally gets a green light to emit steam! You or your babysitter can play these eight food games with your kids. For more game selling items, see or visit.

1. Thread the cornflakes chain

Thread the ring-shaped cornflakes through a string and tie the ends together to make an edible chain. Tip: If your child wants to grab cornflakes from the chain, use a material that does not easily tear into the thread and can be swallowed, such as (unused) hard-to-tear shoelaces. Also, keep an eye out for children when they play cereal.

2. Guess the food Especially

Older children will enjoy this guessing game. Prepare a variety of bite-sized foods such as fruits, vegetables and cheese. Make the children feel the food with their fingers first, then sniff it, and finally taste it. Can the kids guess what they just ate?

3. Make a vegetable face

Spice up raw food plates and treats with a funny face. Funny eating faces give your kids creative and artistic incentives, and it would be a lot of fun to runaway their imagination and make their own faces. It can even set aside aversion to certain foods! Make it a game and seduce people who like or dislike it from the woods by offering a variety of “do it yourself” foods, including both children’s favorite foods and foods they don’t want to eat. When placing a face, all materials should be used and the most interesting face will be selected in the end.

4. Draw a picture with yogurt

Mix food coloring, strong-colored juices (such as beet root juice), or colored powdered gelatin with natural yogurt to create a harmless finger color that kids can play without hesitation. You can use a large piece of paper, a tablet in a high chair, or even the wall of a bathtub as a canvas. Don’t you have yogurt? Next, mix 2 parts of cold water and 2 parts of flour and add the desired food coloring.

5. Salty shashlik

This game requires a pretzel stick and round food such as grapes, raspberries and mini meatballs. How many can your child put on the pretzel bar without breaking it? As soon as the pretzel bar is fully stocked, you can plaster it and take out a new one. Have your child sew a specific pattern, such as alternating grapes and cheese. Geometry can also be inserted by using round “building blocks” as corners and attaching additional pretzel bars accordingly. Can your child make pyramids or cubes from pretzel sticks and grapes? Geometry lessons are hardly delicious!

6. Edible mushrooms

Snacks are allowed in this board game as you can eat the parts! Wrap the game board in plastic wrap and use fruit or vegetable pieces, crackers, or cornflakes instead of game pieces and dice. If you jump over the marker, you can eat it instead of putting it aside. The person with the most edible portion left at the end wins. If your child likes quick games, you can also play tic-tac-toe with two types of vegetables and fruits.

7. Marshmallow masterpiece

Skewer small marshmallows on pretzel sticks and poorly cooked spaghetti to create sculptures, bridges, towers and more with your kids. Who can build the tallest tower? Who will build the longest bridge?

8. Jellyfish

Your child can really steam here. Prepare the jelly of your child’s favorite taste and mix the fruits before it hardens. Once the jelly has set, your child can fish with a spoon or hand or play with a slimy chunk. Another game for kids birthdays and Halloween parties is a “mud digging” game where kids have to catch small marshmallows from a bowl filled with chocolate pudding and biscuit bread.