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Watching Food Movies, Entertaining and at the Same Time Inspiring

The fun, lighthearted stories and the beautiful food presentation watched while drinking wine are not only entertaining but also inspirational for food movie lovers. They can motivate audience with no cooking experience, to take interest in cooking so they can actually try the mouth-watering recipes featured in movies.

What makes the best food movies popular is their ability to entice their audience with the food showcased on the screen; making them crave for the dishes. Food movies are films that include the preparation, consumption, or the appreciation of food as embellishments of a typical plot.

Food-themed movies are actually abundant in the industry, and it’s likely you have not seen some of the best. Below are just examples of the famous films of this genre that won critical acclaim and recognition:

Babette’s Feast – A 1987 Danish film that was the first to receive an Oscar award for being the Best Foreing Language Film. It revolves around a French refugee named Babette, who was a former chef. She ended up as a housekeeper, serving tasteless and unimaginative food for strict and religious nuns. Following a typical storyline, Babette later wins the lottery, and uses the money to buy ingredients and cook lavish meals that she knows can heal ailments and even fix broken relationships.

Fried Green Tomatoes – An American comedy-drama movie created in 1991, the movie is based on a novel with the same title written by Fannie Flagg in 1987. It’s a story about a dissatisfied housewife who gains a friend in a nursing home, an elderly lady who has lots of stories to tell about people she used to know. Fried Green Tomatoes was very successful as it became a box office hit and received a lot of positive reviews from critics, including 2 Oscar Awards.

Like Water for Chocolate – a.k.a. Como Agua Para Chocolate as it is a Mexican romantic drama movie released in 1992. The story revolves around Tita a woman in the early 1900s who is experiencing problems about family dynamics, family tradition, and love. Tita remains unmarried as tradition requires her not to marry so she can take care of her mother until she passes away. Since Tita has to deal with a lot of emotions she copes with all her struggles by devoting her energy and devotion to food preparation. Years later, Pedro Muzquiz enters Tita’s life and confesses his love and intent to marry her, which Tita reciprocates.

During the film’s showing in theaters worldwide, Como Agua Para Chocolate became the highest-grossing foreign-language film released in the US. Furthermore, the film was chosen as Mexico’s entry for the 65th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film, although it did not receive nomination for the category.

You can find several bucket lists of foodie movies, produced and released by various countries. Unfortunately, not all of them are available even in the most popular video streaming sites. While this can be a disappointment because your choices for binge watching will be limited, there’s an alternative method to access as many food movies as you;d like to watch.

The rokkr app for one will allow you to safely browse and search for the best food movies mot only in the US but in other countries as well. Many who watched international movies using the rokkr app say the app is safe to use as it does not ask permission to access data saved in your device.