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What’s a Typical Breakfast Like in Italy?

A typical Italian breakfast is an enjoyable routine of waking up the body and mind to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the kitchen or in a pastry shop. There are a lot of various habits in Italy when it comes to taking this first meal that is categorized as Mediterranean or Italian breakfast. Breakfasts in Italy are so unique that when taken with some precautions, can also serve as panaceas for staying fit and healthy,

What do Italians Consider as a Healthy Breakfast?

Although Italians are generally perceived as consumers of hearty meals of pasta and sausages, typical Italians make it a point to eat healthy for breakfast. Yet what do Italians consider as a healthy breakfast?

A healthy Italian breakfast meets 20% of the body’s daily energy requirement, usually a combination of proteins, simple sugars, carbohydrates, lipids, and vitamins. A breakfast to be healthy contains the right amount of caloric intake to make up for the energy lost during the overnight fast. Moreover, Italians take their breakfast slow and easy for at least 15 minutes, as doing so extends the feeling of fullness until lunchtime. This allows them to reduce their intake of carbonated beverages and unhealthy snacks before lunchtime.

An Italian breakfast is not without a cup of coffee, sometimes tea but rarely, and bread topped with butter and jam. Bread eaten in households during breakfast tend to vary in every region; but the one thing that is common in all Italian regions is that bread must be fresh and not packaged. That is why most Italians who live solo, prefer to have their breakfast in a pastry or coffee shop near their apartment or place of work.

Italians who habitually have their breakfast in cafés, pastry shops or cafeterias eat cornetto paired with a cup of cappuccino or espresso. Cornetto in Italy is a brioche or a croissant but with some difference. While similar to the shape and ingredients of a French croissant Italian cornetto makes use of eggs as ingredients. Homemade cornettos are perfect for a healthy breakfast as they are baked with less refined carbs, and uses whole wheat flour to maintain a lower glycaemic level.

Yogurt paired with fresh fruit is another favorite healthy breakfast in Italy. What makes them even healthier is by serving low-fat yogurt and seasonal fruits. When combining with a serving of dried fruits, a teaspoon of blueberry preserve or honey is added to make the yoghurt a complete meal. Pairing it with a cup of coffee makes it a complete Italian breakfast.

If you plan to visit Italy, learning a few commonly used Italian words like buongiorno (hello or good morning), grazie (thank you), and per favore (please) will place you at a respectable level as far as Italians are concerned. However, if you’re planning to stay on a more permanent basis, it is best to learn the language as most italians will insist speaking to you in the vernacular. Italian grammar can be quite difficult to learn but knowing and understanding a dozen isolate words are good ways to start. eat place to start.