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What We Eat Reflects On Our Smile

The “we are what we eat” quote is actually a general one that mistakenly thought of just for the body, especially our inner health particularly the system of our body with our internal organs. Wrongfully disregarding our oral health that is definitely as significant as the former.

Our oral health if neglected can affect our well-being, from eating, speaking, and definitely socializing. Given this, it is just right and a must to always have ways to protect our teeth at all cost. How? Aside from visiting a dentist or an ortodontist franklin tn and  proper way of brushing your teeth and gargling, the real secret to oral health is your diet or the food that one usually consume. It is inevitable not to eat processed food and allow yourself to have some sweets. The following food and beverages are not really good for your teeth:

  1. Candies. The most common worst food for teeth because of the sugar it contains.
  2. Bread. You might ask why. But its ingredients when combined with our saliva is quite hard to get clear from our teeth. This will obviously result to cavities and tooth decay.
  3. Sodas. It contains a high level of sugar as well and it is carbonated.
  4. Alcohol. Alcoholic beverages, according to studies, dry our mouth that will affect the oral system to produce saliva that can actually rinse the mouth and remove food residues.
  5. Citrus fruits. At first, you will wonder why citrus fruits are bad for your teeth. Citrus fruits contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Yes. However, too much citrus means too much acid that makes our teeth weak and vulnerable to cavities that will eventually lead to tooth decay.
  6. Processed food. From the type of food itself, it already contains ingredients that are not natural and actually preserved. It is advised to consume food which are boiled, poached, and even raw for an amazing oral health.