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Best Foods In Minecraft If You Are New To Minecraft Servers Survival

For players who love to create, the Creative mode of Minecraft is ideal for you to flaunt your creativity and your imagination. With the Creative gameplay, you can build whatever you can envision since you get unlimited resources, meaning you don’t need to constantly collect resources so as to be able to craft an item and build structures. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about taking damage or getting hungry as you neither have a Health bar nor a Hunger bar. Since players have a high degree of freedom in Creative mode to shape their own world as well as experiences, it is no surprise why Minecraft is very much enjoyed by both children and adults.

Minecraft Servers Survival – Experience Diverse Survival Gameplays

By design, Minecraft is a single-player survival game. As oppose to Creative mode, the goal in this gameplay is to survive. In order to craft objects and build structures, you need to have the necessary resources, such as stone, planks, sand, and wood. While exploring, you also have to pay attention to your Hunger bar and Health bar since you can take damage from the environment, attacking mobs that spawn at night and in places with less light, and activities you do. Reaching 0 will end your character’s life.

While Survival mode isn’t as laidback as Creative mode, a lot of players still enjoy the challenges in this gameplay, making it popular among Minecraft players a well. To make it more exciting, you can also play with other players through Minecraft servers survival.

Although surviving is the common theme in Minecraft servers survival, these servers are different from each other and where each offer players a different survival gaming experience. You can choose to work with other players to survive or you can play against other players to show them what you’ve got. Regardless, Minecraft servers survival are excellent places to be if you want to experience diverse survival gameplays.

Best Food In Minecraft For Survival Mode Beginners

When playing Survival mode in Minecraft, whether single-player or multi-player, know that food is essential, and you will most likely need plenty of it all throughout your gameplay. The great thing is that there are numerous ways for you to obtain food like hunting, fishing, and farming.

Not all food in Minecraft are created the same. For instance, some are easy to find but are less effective at restoring health and hunger, and while others need preparation, they restore more health and hunger points. For players who are still beginning with Minecraft and aren’t sure which food to go for, here are some of the best.

  • CARROTS. Carrots don’t need any added preparation. When consumed, it refills 3 hunger points and 3.6 saturation points. Another great thing about carrots is that they are a renewable source of food. Carrots can be farmed as well as found in villages.
  • PUMPKIN PIE. It refills 4.8 saturation points and 8 hunger points. You don’t need a crafting table for this. But make sure you have a pumpkin, sugar, and an egg. So look out for these items when exploring.
  • MUSHROOM STEW. A crafting table is not needed to create mushroom stew. It restores an incredible 7.2 saturation points and 6 hunger points, making it a great food source for players who explores a lot. What you need is a bowl, brown mushroom, and red mushroom.
  • BAKED POTATOES. Simply cook a raw potato in a smoker, furnace, or campfire to make baked potato. It replenishes 5 hunger points and 6 saturation points. You can farm them and find them in loot chests or in villages.
  • BREAD. 5 hunger points and 6 saturation points are restored when you eat bread. To make bread, combine 3 pieces of wheat using a crafting table. When you break grass blocks, you get seeds which you can grow into wheat.