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9 Tips for a Better Restaurant Ambiance

Empty restaurant with nice ambiance


Despite the increasing popularity of having food delivered to their homes, people still like to eat out. This is partly because eating out in a restaurant is cozy and atmospheric. At least, as long as the restaurant is attractively decorated. In this blog, we give nine tips for an attractive decoration of your restaurants such as unique wall décor, personalized stickers, or furnishings.

If you follow these steps, you can create an atmosphere for your guests that they cannot experience at home. This way your restaurant becomes a place of relaxation for your guests. Guests will love to come back to your restaurant and its popularity will increase.

Draw a map of the restaurant

If you want to decorate your restaurant attractively, you have to start with the basics: the floor plan. By taking a good look at your case and drawing a new floor plan, you often come across a lot of points for improvement.

For example, a restaurant becomes a lot cozier if people do not have to get in each other’s way. This saves a lot of chaos. Enough walking space between the tables is therefore important, but too much space is at the expense of a cozy and cozy feeling. So try to find the right balance here.

It is also important to view and analyze the walking routes of your serving staff. This way you can ensure that your guests and your staff do not get in the way while serving the drinks and dishes.

Choose suitable lighting

In addition to the floor plan, the lighting also has a major influence on the atmosphere. Think about it, what kind of light would you rather eat? Soft, warm candlelight or hard, chilly fluorescent tubes? So think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create and adjust your lighting accordingly.

In general, warm and soft colors do well. You can achieve this, for example, with old-fashioned light bulbs, candles or oil lamps. Nowadays there is also LED lighting that you can adjust in any color. This requires a slightly larger investment but is often more sustainable and safer.

Keeps the restaurant furniture in the same style

The next tip concerns the furniture, which you want to keep in the same style as much as possible. This does not necessarily mean that each table must be a copy of the other, but the restaurant must radiate unity. If you use all kinds of styles interchangeably, your restaurant will soon look cluttered.

Just like enough walking space between the tables, an unambiguous interior also gives a quiet feeling. This feeling of tranquility is very important for the atmosphere in your restaurant. People mainly eat out because they want to have a nice, cozy and relaxed meal. Therefore, make sure that your restaurant offers that experience.

For example, you can use different styles interchangeably and create multiple “areas” in your restaurant. For example, large chesterfield chairs by the fireplace for business meetings or a drink, a niche with a large table and benches for a family, and high tables with bar stools for a group of friends.

Buy beautiful chairs that are also comfortable

Chairs are perhaps the most important part of your entire furniture, after all, this is what your guest sits on throughout the meal. Besides the fact that these should be beautiful and in the same style, it is nice if they are also comfortable.

If you’re going to dinner and you’re sitting on an uncomfortable chair all evening, it can make your restaurant experience less enjoyable. Beautiful chairs contribute to a nice atmosphere, but it is at least as important that your guests can sit comfortably while eating.


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Play (royalty-free) music

Music can greatly enhance the atmosphere in your restaurant. In fact, with the help of music, you can very precisely determine the atmosphere at any time of the evening. If you want to do that, you must know what effect different types of music have.

For example, fast music makes people chew faster and by turning the music down, you can subconsciously give people the idea that it is almost closing time. A playlist that is very suitable for a fast food restaurant can completely miss the mark in a fine dining restaurant. Think carefully about which music best suits your restaurant.

Appropriate clothing for staff

To offer your guests the best possible experience, everything needs to be aligned as closely as possible. This also applies to the clothing of your staff. In a cozy restaurant, guests should feel welcome, so make sure your staff is neatly dressed.

A shirt is perfect for male staff, but don’t hoist them into a designer-tailored suit. In the end, it is again the most important thing that it fits in with the rest of your restaurant.

Design of the menu

What applies to the staff clothing, also applies to the menu. Here too you want to create as much unity (and therefore atmosphere) as possible. There are several things you can do to optimize your menu, but when it comes to atmosphere, the design is the most important. Make sure it looks well-groomed and connects with the rest of the restaurant.

Ensure good acoustics

In a restaurant, people talk and laugh. These are the things that make it so cozy to eat out. A restaurant with poor acoustics can therefore be very annoying for your guests. Therefore, make sure that there is good acoustics in your front-of-house.

You can achieve this by setting it up properly and not leaving the walls uncovered. Sound reflects the loudest from flat, hard surfaces. Therefore, hang paintings, put plants in the corners and put a rug over the tables. This immediately gives you the chance to add some atmospheric decorations to your décor.

Don’t forget the toilets

The entrance and dining area are of course the most important parts for your customers. However, there is one space that can be a big downer for your guests: the toilet. For many people, the toilets must be neat, well-kept, and modernly furnished. In addition, it is of course also a matter of hygiene, something that is always important in the hospitality industry.