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About the Brunch Culture Popularized by Dutch Millennials

Original Dutch cuisine aren’t flavorful and often unforgettable as meals are not necessarily prepared with intentions to provide fine gastronomic experiences. It was only during the 20th century after the arrival of migrants from the Dutch East Indies colonies that the Dutch eating culture changed into something more cosmopolitan. At the turn of the 21st century, millennials in many Dutch cities introduced brunch as the better eating ritual.

Traditionally, Dutch dishes were bland as they were mere combinations of potatoes and other vegetables paired with some slices of sausage meat to add flavor. These are usually served at dinner when members of the family eat together. During the day, Dutch people usually have bread topped with cheese as breakfast and lunch.

Back when the country was just starting to expand through the reclamation of flooded marshes that turned into lakes, the culinary culture of the Dutch people reflected mostly the energy needs of laborers. Meals included dairy products that provided mostly carbohydrates and fat, whilst not requiring refinements to make the dishes more satiable and at the same time flavorful. Dutch eating culture in the olden days was basically rustic, and was festive only during holidays and during occasions that call for celebrations.

Today, the brunch eating culture introduced by the millennials no longer mirrors the need for energy-giving food to sustain the intensive labor rendered by migrants coming from Dutch colonies. Holland’s cultural experts view today’s millennials as reflective of the values developed during the Dutch Golden Age: tolerance, creativity and entrepreneurship.

As a matter of fact, plumbing remains as one of the critical professions in cities. Problems in plumbing and sewage systems, especially in brunch eateries and restaurants require immediate attention. Here, early customers include those who spent the night out in bars and nightclubs. In major cities such as Amsterdam, plumbing companies like are available 24/7.

The general lesson learned from the Dutch Golden Age is that since everyone becomes affected by flooding and other water-related problems, people from all classes and stature must work together for the common good.

What Does a Dutch Brunch Include

The brunch eating culture is all about taking mid-morning meals instead of having breakfast and lunch as separate meals. Actually, Amsterdam is regarded as a brunch haven as the city boasts of the best and most accessible places where people can have mid-morning meals. They can be served in boat-based eateries or by stylish and innovative restaurants that serve food that can satiate tummies all day long. The choices include various servings of both classic and creative dishes that cater to everyone from all walks of life.

Actually, the brunch offerings are featured as all-day menus ranging from varieties of breakfast cereals, porridge, buttermilk pancakes, pies and fish tacos. Meat lovers can opt for servings of fried eggs with burger or bacon. Some cafes specialize in offering variations of omelettes filled with sausage or bacon, including hot and spicy versions of omelettes with South and Central American flavors.