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Designing Your Food Truck

Being an entrepreneur, it is normal to have foresight on the success of your food truck business. You definitely have invested in some pieces of equipment such as a tablet for cricut design space to help in designing your food truck, negotiating with suppliers, doing the marketing and all sorts of things. If you want to improve your success, then better continue reading.

The Layout of Your Food Truck

There is no two food truck business that is the same. Meaning to say, every food truck design experience is going to be unique. The dimensions of your truck is going to vary depending on your staff, menu and of course, equipment.

You can have the design layout of your food truck on your own or, you may work with professionals from customization to manufacturing. In the next paragraphs, we are going to discuss factors that could influence your truck’s layout.


If you are planning to design the truck’s floor plan on your own, then you better take into consideration the equipment you ought to buy and the space that you will work on.

You may accommodate the space that you are working with by mapping it and designing the specific zones for every piece of equipment based on the dimension of your truck.

Refrigeration Equipment

Buying under-counter freezers or refrigerators lets you keep cold food while also saving space. Not only that, specialized food truck freezer units could be installed to keep bigger food quantities.

Cooking Equipment

Depending on the menu that you have, it might be advantageous to buy portable appliances or countertops. Some appliances might be exempted from being positioned under the exhaust hood. This will then give you extra space or flexibility when you’re designing the kitchen.


Preparing your meals in commissary kitchen is one easy way of eliminating the equipment that is needed for your food truck. If in case that you do not have access to these types of kitchens, then it is smart to prepare foods at home or even before you truck starts its day.

Of course, there are still several other things that should be considered like the cleaning area, holding equipment, storage space and so forth. But the said points should give you a head start.