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3 Types of Diet and Their Effect on Your Kidneys

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Over the last few weeks, there have been lots of discussions about health, wellness, and New Years Resolutions. You may think of various diets and nutrition plans whenever health and weight loss becomes top of mind.

While many of those diets claim to be supported science and advertise numerous health benefits, it’s always recommended that you simply speak along with your doctor before starting a replacement diet, especially if you have got nephropathy.

Many fad diets limit your intake of nutrients and might find yourself being unhealthy, and in some cases, dangerous. To assist you to stay healthy and informed, aside from taking citrate kidney stones for better kidney health, we’re examining a number of the foremost common fad diets and their effect on your kidneys.

Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet may be a low-carb, high protein diet that has 100 differing kinds of proteins and vegetables. The diet doesn’t restrict what quantity someone eats, even as long as they only eat the desired food on the list of the 100 vegetables and proteins. Experts caution that this obesity diet can have serious implications for your kidneys, including an increased risk of developing kidney stones. This increased risk is because the protein-rich nature of the diet raises the excretion of calcium within the urine, making the urine more concentrated. The diet also makes it a more optimum environment for the formation of kidney stones by reducing the pH level of the urine.

Atkins Diet

Another example of a low-carb diet that markets swift weight loss is the Atkins diet. Unfortunately, the Atkins diet also can be problematic for the kidneys. As this increased level of protein consumption can cause cardiovascular problems, hyperuricemia (relating to joint pain and gout), and hypercalciuria (which can result in kidney stones and osteoporosis), many medical and nutritional organizations caution against excessively high protein diets. Top protein diets may cause permanent loss of kidney function in anyone with reduced kidney function, a Harvard study found.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet consists of eating foods that were traditionally consumed within the Mediterranean region. Fresh produce, legumes, whole grains, and healthy fats are included in this list of foods. Experts have found that a Mediterranean diet might not only benefit cardiovascular health but that it should also help preserve kidney function likewise. This diet incorporates a far lower animal protein content than the previously listed Atkins and Durkin diet, which puts less stress on the kidneys. The Mediterranean diet also includes a higher amount of fiber and antioxidants which may help reduce inflammation within the body.


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