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Beverage to Help Pass Kidney Stones

If you have unfortunately developed kidney stones, then you may be wondering what to drink for kidney stones to naturally get rid of it? Well first of all, drinking lots of fluid is an essential element of passing kidney stones and at the same time, preventing new ones from forming. Aside the benefits of drinking plenty of fluids, it additionally helps in moving grit and stones through your urinary tract.

Despite the fact that water may sometimes be enough to get the job done, adding few stuff here and there can be an advantage too. First and foremost, make it a point to drink 1 8oz glass of water right after you drink any flavored beverage. This helps in moving ingredients throughout your body.

Seek Doctor’s Advice

If there’s something that you should never do, then that is to self-treat yourself. Instead, allot time to pay a visit to your doctor and have them assess the situation. Besides, they can help in giving tips on what you should do best in your situation.


When you are trying to pass a stone, increasing water intake helps in speeding up the process. So rather than drinking 8 glasses, go for 12 glasses of water per day. As soon as your stone passes, don’t stop. Make it a habit. Dehydration is among the major elements for having kidney stones.

Additionally, pay close attention to your urine’s color. If you are hydrated, then it must look pale yellow or very light yellow. Urines that are dark yellow is an indication that you are dehydrated.

Lemon Juice

Level up your typical drinking water by adding lemons in it. Lemons have citrate, which is a type of chemical that is preventing calcium stones to form. At the same time, citrate helps in breaking small stones, which let them to pass a lot easier.

Besides, there are countless benefits of drinking lemon juice like for instance, it is inhibiting the growth of bacteria while providing vitamin C.

Basil Juice

Basil has acetic acid which is capable of breaking down kidney stones while reducing pain at the same time. Another thing, it is packed with nutrients, so you are sure to benefit from it!