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Easy Food Hacks to Try

If you think that good foods are those that are prepared with intricacy, then better think again. As a matter of fact, there are few food tips and tricks that you can easily do to turn up leftover foods into something that everyone would rush into.

Use a Banana Hanger

It will be highly recommended to buy a banana hanger if you often buy fruits like bananas for your house. The good thing, there are many websites where you can buy one. Using a banana hanger will help stop the fruit from going bad too fast and getting bruised too. So long as it is placed somewhere that lets it to move freely, then this contraption is going to be so handy. On the other hand, make sure to keep it away from other fruits as bananas are known to release gas that is causing other produce to spoil fast.

In the event that you end up with brown or black bananas, worry not. You can still repurpose your overripe bananas. For instance, it is perfect for baking as a natural sweetener and is easier to mash it into the batter.

Mix Mashed Potatoes Easily

Make it easy to mix mash potatoes by using electric hand mixer. This takes away the effort of manually mixing mashed potato in the bowl. This at the same time ensures a lump-free mash. It isn’t just a convenient way to prepare mash potato but also, guarantees a clean place.

Pizza and Water

You can actually revive dried-out and leftover pizza. Instead of just putting it on its own in a microwave, put it with mug of water too. As the water in the mug evaporates, the moisture will fill in the microwave and starts to rehydrate the dried crust. Once done, it will give then dried pizza it’s gooey and cheesy texture.

Grate Butter

Having a difficult time with your cold butter? Then consider using grater. This is going to soften the right amount in putting on bread or toast. At the same time, it makes the butter easier to spread without having to destroy the loaf. Such method is also used by chefs in preparing buttery pastry.