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How Safe is the Foods Served to You?

Food safety is all about the standards applied to the preparation, handling as well as storage of food items to prevent food poisoning and injury. To do this, information should be streamlined from having CCTV security cameras installed in every corner of the establishment, POS system and everything in between. This will be possible if there is a smooth and fast internet connection. Eliminate all potential internet problems with a reliable router installed.

Food Safety Standards Globalized

Let’s face it, food products are one of the largely traded commodities worldwide. As the markets grow annually, likewise with our population, global food resources will just keep growing too to accommodate supply and demand.

Every nation placed their own regulatory institution that will oversee the implementation of their food safety standards. In an effort to manufacture or sell food products in any nation, both international and domestic businesses will undergo food safety legislation and enforcement standards of the country in question.

For instance in Europe, food safety is outlined in the Regulation (EC) 852 where in the US, it is the Food Safety Modernization Act that details all legal requirements to meet food safety.


These are basically the two major laws concerning food safety. Each of which focuses on different subject like for example:

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points or HACCP

This is a systematic approach in preventing food contamination during production, packaging as well as distribution. The idea is focused on countering health hazards by means of pinpointing the potential food safety concerns before it arises.

HACCP concept also entails the control of contaminants at several key junctures in process of food production and the stringent adherence to hygiene practices all throughout.

Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP

GMP receives worldwide recognition as a standard for quality assurance in production of not just foods and beverages but also, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and several medical devices. These guidelines are laying out all the protocols that every manufacturer needs to adhere. It is important for it sets as a guarantee that their products are always meeting high-quality from every single batch made and that is safe for consumption and use.