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Drinking Beer and Playing Table Football

If you’re looking for the ultimate pre-gaming session this weekend then why not combine two of the greatest activities ever invented by mankind? Playing table football and drinking beer are both interactive and engaging activities that are guaranteed to get any party off to a roaring start.

Get Your Game Face On

While this may seem like a strange tip, it’s often the psychological side of things that can make all the difference. When you’re enjoying a leisure activity with drinking beer, it can be all too easy to lose focus and let your guard down.

If you want to crush your opponents (both on the table football tabletop and in the bar), you’ve got to get your game face on. If you’re playing table football, you’ve got to be at the top of your game. You’ve got to be in the zone. You’ve got to be totally focused on the job in hand.

Master the Art of Drinking Beer

If you want to enjoy drinking beer while playing table football, you’ve got to master the art of drinking beer. If you want to win at both table football and beer drinking, the best thing you can do is take your time and savor each beer.

While it’s great to get a few beers down your neck, it’s also important to keep a steady pace. If you rush your beers, you’ll find yourself getting drunk quicker than you anticipated.

Stay Hydrated

If you’re going to be playing tischkicker for a few hours and drinking beer, it’s important to stay hydrated. After all, alcohol is a diuretic, which means that it can cause you to urinate. This is why it’s important to drink lots of water when drinking beer.

If you don’t stay hydrated, you’re more likely to feel a dip in energy levels. You’re also likely to feel hungover the next day.

You don’t want to fall foul of these side effects. To avoid that, make sure to stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the session.