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You Are What You Wear – Techwear And Food Inspired Fashion

There are various factors that influence the clothing choices of people. Similarly, fashion designers find and take inspiration from anything in the world. In addition, instead of simply seeing them as clothes, fashion has turned into a means of expressing oneself as well as our identity.

Fashion Styles Meeting Your Lifestyle

Fashion has been and remains to be a symbol or representation of society as well as current events. A fashion trend brings to mind a particular style, statement or movement spread over certain generation brackets or population, location and period of time. Various aspects influence trends in fashion, such as movies, video games, climate, or nature.

Utility And Style – Techwearofficial

For the past few years, the techwear style has been rising in popularity, turning the style into a mainstream look rather than a mere fashion style niche. Techwearofficial offers a range of techwear outfits for both men and women, from tees, jackets, and cloaks to pants, footwear and accessories for you to complete the techwear style ensemble.

Described as technical wear, the techwear style is a clever merge of functionality and aesthetics, wherein techwear brands and designers have factored in different variables so as to create apparels that are both practical and attractive. 

Techwear is made from specially engineered fabric, enhancing its properties in order to fashion gear and clothing that goes beyond aesthetics, including:

  • Water resistance
  • Stretch resistance
  • Increased elasticity
  • Odor resistance
  • Reflectiveness
  • Comfort
  • Range of motion or freedom of movement
  • Breathability
  • Storage capacity and versatility

For The Foodie In You

When it comes to looking for inspiration, many fashion designers and brands take inspiration from food, even teaming up or collaborating with food brands to create  unique and fun fashion styles. Among the ways food is represented in fashion includes:

  • Graphic Clothing (i.e. pizza patterned dress, sushi graphics on tees)
  • Patches for a more personalized look (i.e. milk tea patch on denim jacket, ramen patch on your cap)
  • Food-inspired footwear (i.e. ice-cream cone heels, chickpeas flip-flops, coffee bean patterned sneakers)
  • Food-inspired accessories (i.e. cupcake phone case, fruit-inspired jewelries)

Whether you love meat or are vegetarian, prefer savory flavors or sweet delights, favor homestyle cooking, exotic or gourmet food, there is a way for all gastronauts or foodies to stay current with both fashion trends and hottest eats. Food-inspired clothing style has the capacity to satisfy our most lavish food cravings, guilt-free. Through clothing, footwear, and accessories to perfect your look, the fashion industry provides a way for people to wear their favorite food.