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Food Labels: Keeping Inkjet Coding Printers Fit

Whether at the restaurant or in the office, a printer should never be missing anywhere. Food and drinks labels, tickets, e-mails, presentations, invoices, offers, photos, the list of things that can be put on paper with a printer seems almost endless. Very few companies and households can do without it these days. But to ensure that your inkjet coding printers stay in good shape and doesn’t give up at an inopportune moment, it is important to know how to properly maintain and clean them.

Food labels: Maintain your inkjet coding printers with these helpful tips

Switch off properly

To prevent your printer cartridges from drying out, you should always switch the device off using the “Off” switch on the device. Avoid simply pulling the plug, otherwise, the cartridges can easily move back into the wrong resting position and slowly dry out.

The automatic cleaninginkjet coding printers

If the ink and toner are already dry, the device should be cleaned first. Most printers can be serviced automatically. You can then carry out maintenance using the necessary software or via the control panel on your computer. If this method works, repeat the cleaning steps a few times. Please note, however, that automatic cleaning uses a lot of ink.

Manual cleaning

If the automatic maintenance function no longer helps, you have to lend a hand yourself. Carefully remove the printer cartridges from the device and gently clean the glands with a damp cotton swab. Use only warm water and no cleaning agents.

If the gland remains blocked, you can get rubbing alcohol from the pharmacy. Soak a cloth generously with the liquid and make sure that the glands touch the soaked cloth overnight. Then do a test print or run automatic cleaning again. With a bit of luck, you will be able to print unhindered again.

Print regularly

If you print something out once or twice a week, your printer will run more smoothly than if it is only used every few months. If you don’t need your device for a long time, you can still print out test food labels every two or three weeks. This will prevent the glands from drying out.