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5 Ways to Keep Food Storage Supplies Tidy

With these creative tips, whip up smart solutions for food storage supplies.

Food Storage


After you open the cupboard door and an avalanche of plastic food storage containers comes tumbling out, it’s a common kitchen organization dilemma. or even the rummage around for an identical lid to a container leads to an hour-long scavenger hunt?

To create a multitude of kitchen cabinets despite your best organizational efforts, it’s only too easy for bulky, mismatched food containers. But if you’re determined to revive order, the following tips from Samantha Pregenzer, founding father of SO | Home Professional Organizing, can help.

Here’s a way to stash everything from sandwich bags to tin foil, to plastic food storage containers so it is simple to grab what you would like. Packing up school lunches and distributing leftovers just got much easier.


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1. Create a station

Reserve a shallow drawer for boxes of foil cling wrap, and paper. Use an adjacent cabinet, or use a deeper drawer for food storage containers and lids if you’ve got them. What makes prepping lunch and packing leftovers more streamlined is keeping everything in one area.

2. Ditch bulky boxes

Remove sandwich bags from their boxes and type them by size between dividers spaced some inches apart. You’ll easily see when the baggage must be replenished.

3. Keep it uniform

Stick to the identical brand of storage container to confirm the pieces nest well (generally, don’t stack over four). Avoid buying the variability pack. Instead, select the individual sizes you’ll reach for many often.

4. Arrange lids

Store lids under the containers, or file them upright between a divider and therefore the fringe of the drawer.

5. Make room

Short on drawer space? Consider hanging food storage wraps on removable rods inside a cupboard door. clock off the tabs on the ends of every box and slide the entire thing over the rod. Or stash wraps during a magazine file box positioned on its spine.