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What Food Pairings are Best Enjoyed Together with Mid Autumn Hamper?

Could you think of something more blissful than striking the right balance between your favorite food and alcoholic beverage? Of course, you can accentuate the entire mood of you and your partner by bringing her a beautiful box of mid autumn hamper as you are savoring your meal. The thing is, some are having a hard time in finding the perfect match for their food and drinks.

Many deals are experiencing the same problem actually. If you too are having this predicament, then perhaps, the pointers discussed in this article can help you out.

Champagne and Oysters

Oysters bring this distinctive and unique salty sea flavor whereas champagne has subtle, sweet and light flavor in it. When combined, they do offer a remarkable combination of well-balanced salty and sweet flavors. Just remember that in most cases, seafood goes beautifully with white wines or sparkling wine.

Light Wines with Desserts

Desserts are sweet on its own and it is because of this that you should get a wine that doesn’t have an overly sweet flavor. For example, Cabernet Sauvignon has this bold fruity flavor and can make an awesome pair when it is combined with rich and sweet desserts similar to blackforest cake.

Red Wine & Red Meat

If you’re considering yourself as a food lover, then you might know already about this combination. Red wines like Merlot bring bold and strong aromas that go beautifully with foods that have a robust flavor.

Beef dishes as well as roast lamb or even ham are some of the best combos you can have with red wine. In addition to that, if you happen to be a chocolate lover, then you better not forget about chocolates partnered with your red wine. You may also have a mid autumn hamper with it for a little twist of your own.

Beer and Food Pairing

A lot of people want to enjoy their meals with a bottle of beer. But what most don’t know is, beers can make wonderful option when it’s paired with contrasting food.

You may drink a glass of strong beer partnered with sweet desserts such as cheesecake and it can greatly enhance the flavors.